Jameson Distillery Midleton

Whilst Dublin might be the spiritual home of Jameson whiskey, the distillery moved to Midleton in County Cork in 1975 which had much more capacity for the increased worldwide demand.

It's sometimes misconceived that this site is the working distillery visit compared to the museum piece at Bow Street in Dublin. However this visitor centre, which opened in 1992, is more of the same albeit in a more evocative setting. The modern day distillery - more akin to a factory - towers over the attractive brick buildings and courtyards of the old distillery where your tour will take place. The guided tour - with ever excellent guides - explores the early industrial setting of the old distillery site complete with cooperage, waterwheels and old copper stills. 

At the end of the tour there's the obligatory tasting as you get to choose your drink - straight whiskey or in cocktail form - from the bar but this lacks the personal touch. For real whiskey buffs, the €30 Premium Whiskey Tasting upgrade is well worth considering. With a tutorial from an expert and three of the higher end Jameson whiskies (such as Midleton Very Rare) this is a much better way to end the tour. 

The pleasant little town of Midleton is also a good place to get lunch or dinner with a high street offering pubs and restaurants just a short walk away. If you plan on overnighting in the town there the only real option is the 3-star Midleton Park Hotel. Otherwise, head to Cork.

Entrance to Jameson Distillery Bow St. in Dublin


Whiskey barrels at Jameson Distillery Midleton in County Cork


St Finbarre's Cathedral in Cork


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