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The Merry Ploughboy Pub
The Merry Ploughboy Pub

Going out in Dublin looking for some good Irish music can be a challenge if you don’t where to go. The sardine tin watering holes of Temple Bar can be full of carbon copy one-man-bands with repertoires certain to include done-to-death Irish hits like Galway Girl and at least one Oasis song.

To take the effort out of this search – positively or negatively – a number of venues around the Dublin area have put together dinner and traditional Irish entertainment packages. True, there are number of drawbacks with these options. At around €40-50 they are expensive, the best ones are outside of the city centre, you have the lottery of which nationality of coachtrip you will be sat next to and the content is really just an easily marketable version of what ‘traditional’ Irish entertainment is.

However, a guarantee of quality Irish music, the opportunity to see some Irish dancing by talented local youngsters (which is not abundantly available) and a feast of local fare sure to open up another belt hole make shelling out worth considering.

The Merry Ploughboy

The most famous of them all is The Merry Ploughboy Pub. Located in the very south of Dublin in the suburb of Rathfarnham, in a homely thatched barn-pub is an excellent show of local talent performing a range of sing-along songs and a medley of lesser known ballads. The quality of the band, dancing and food is the reason it’s so popular.

The pub puts on a shuttle bus from four stops in the city centre plus a number of the bigger en-route hotels. This will add around €10 to your night.    

Abbey Tavern

Situated in the pretty Dublin coastal area of Howth, the Abbey Tavern has the best location of the lot. It’s the only one you can easily reach by public transport by just hopping on the DART to Howth Station. You could also spend the afternoon in the lovely seaside village of Howth with it’s nice restaurants and cafes and stunning cliff walks.

The entertainment is great and the upstairs room is gives a more intimate feel however this holds you a little prisoner to the entertainment as you’re expected to show respect by being silent for the majority of the show.


Taylors Three Rock

Taylors is the liveliest option as they try hardest to get you drunk by including a dram of whiskey and an Irish coffee to get you started.

As with all these shows, there’s nothing to be faulted with the quality music and dancing on offer and all shows are a much of a muchness in terms of content. Be warned, there is the traditional show and also a cabaret option. With an irreverent and sometime cringeworthy comedian the cabaret is not to everyone’s taste.

Also located in the south of Dublin close to The Merry Ploughboy but without a shuttle bus it can be a bit of a faff to get to by public transport.

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