Ireland at a glance

How can one describe Ireland in nutshell? It's hard to pin down. Ireland is the land that lives up to stereotypes, clichés and expectations and then makes you question them,.

Ireland is beautiful beyond words. It's impossibly green. So green. Whilst giant cliffs, windswept beaches, patchwork fields, clear blue lakes, ruined abbeys, ancient monuments, piles of turf, baffling rock formation, crumbling castles each combine to create scene after scene. Get off the beaten path and drive. Drive the Dinge Peninsula, drive the Ring of Kerry, drive the Boyne Valley, drive the Causeway Coast. Leave the six million people behind - wild Donegal, genteel West Cork, it's a doddle to find solitude. 

One place not made for solitude is the Irish pub. Lively, welcoming, and filled with the sounds of fiddles, bodhrans and whistles. Go drink your bodyweight in Guinness but also take some time to explore the beer, gin and whiskey craft revolutions. And don't forget to eat - you'll be pleasantly surprised.    

Travel beyond the picture perfect and explore the rough edges and tragic histories. Go political mural hunting in Belfast, find the famine villages and defy expectations in Limerick, It's all part of the unique Irish experience.

Expect problems and overcome them. Ireland has has it's fair share for the visitor which is only natural. The incredible success of tourism has created a pressure on accommodation and tourist attractions which are struggling to cope. Everyone wants a peace of the pie and Dublin especially can occasionally feel a little like O'Disneyland. It's not a cheap country either. 

Now delve into Ireland with our hopefully handy information dump on everything from the Six Nations to where to get a good brewery tour.

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