Ireland's prettiest piss stop

Adare Manor Hotel
Adare Manor Golf Club

Adare is Ireland’s prettiest village apparently. It’s all over google but I’m not sure who actually said it. Personally, I would qualify that more as a pretty village in Ireland. And it certainly is, we’re not denying that. The village boasts rows of bygone era thatched houses with pristine gardens and tidy streets (one would think that corporal punishment still exists here for littering) that give the air of a real life Hobbiton. You can't go wrong with a visit to one of the charming tea rooms or the dramatic Desmond Castle.

There is also one of Ireland’s top hotels in the 5-star Adare Manor Hotel. This expensively newly refurbished hotel is stunning both inside and out and also contains one of the country's most prestigious golf courses. For those who haven’t budgeted for this kind of luxury, the hotel also offers afternoon tea. There are also high end 4-star hotels in the Dunraven Arms and Fitzgeralds Woodlands Hotel which are classy enough.

The village's location on the main N21 road from Tralee to Limerick is a blessing and a curse. This makes it very accessible and literally drives tourism to the village. However large traffic jams that can clog up the main thoroughfare do take away from the quaintness a little.

Good facilities like ample parking, toilets and a visitor centre have popped up making this a very tempting stop en-route to anywhere or as a little side trip from Limerick. You could possibly call Adare ‘Ireland’s prettiest piss stop’. It’s a moniker many towns could aspire to.

King John's Castle on the River Shannon


Conor Pass into the Dingle Peninsula


Rock of Cashel in the shadow


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